Move Over Manolo

See you later Chanel. Ciao Dolce and Gabbana. This fashionista has a new ideal in trendy.

I love fashion. My shoe collection is probably worth the same as a luxury sedan. but when I decided to become a stay at home mamma some things had to be cut back. And most of those cuts started in my closet. Gone are the days of 6 inch heels and $500 bags. but I’m not one to let a budget keep me from letting out my fashion bug, it just changed things up a little bit.

Lately I’ve been expressing my love of trends the natural parent way. First raw amber necklaces. My chiropractor suggested getting one for Henry’s teething. Hello? can you say adorable. I love it. I’m not sure how well it works but I think he looks super cute in it. I’m getting one for myself and Alex next.

Second are diaper bags. OK, I know its not too far off my purse days of old but a lady can have a vice or two right? Currently I’m loving my Kate Spade. It’s huge which is necessary for 2 in diapers and its animal print – so in for fall.

Third are baby carriers/slings. You can get them in all kinds of prints and colors. I can coordinate them to my outfit and my baby is my biggest accessory! I wear my baby and I wear him well.

Lastly are cloth diapers. I love being eco-friendly and all but when I first looked into cloth for Alex I wasn’t impressed. Who knew things would come so far in such a short amount of time. Did you know you can get them in all of these adorable prints? It’s hard not to get carried away. Sorry Kermit, for me it IS easy being green.

Will I miss the smell of a new pair of Jimmy Choos? Sure. But I won’t miss the blisters on my feet and on my coach wallet


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