Baby Wearing in the City

Ah New York City, she’s my mistress for sure. Something about crowded subways, bright lights and the topless woman in Times Square makes me feel at home. I took chicken little there for the first time this weekend and I can tell he already shares the sentiment. I wish I got a good shot of him staring at the signs on Broadway, it was adorable.

Me and Chicken on the train to see Aunt Jenny



















The experience made me think, why did I not find baby wearing sooner, trips to the mall or market with Alex would have been so much easier than him screaming from the stroller begging to be let out. Wearing Henry on the train in and around the city made everything so easy, he was able to see the world from my perspective and he was in awe. Plus it made nursing on the go discreet. I love my boba and I refuse to travel without it from now on.


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