The joys of the family bed

Just a typical evening

For me Cosleeping was not planned, we were doing it before we even realized it had a name or knew all of the benefits it has. It was just the easiest solution at the time.

When Alex came to live with us he was confused and inconsolable. Getting him to sleep in his crib was like torture, he would scream as if he were being beaten to death. Not being as versed in natural parenting as I am now, I was told to let him cry it out, that he would get used to it, and that if I let him sleep with us he would never sleep on his own. I admit, I tried it one night and I know now I will never be able to do that again. I put his tiny little body in the crib and closed the door. I could hear him screaming from across the house. I had to lock myself in the bathroom and run the shower so I wouldn’t feel the urge to go “save” him. After about 20 minutes the crying stopped. I looked in on him and he had fallen asleep with his head against the rails , tears staining his face. I just felt it wasn’t right and the next night I held him in my arms as he fell asleep with us in bed.

Maybe the naysayers are right about him never sleeping on his own. A little over a year later and he still climbs in our bed at night (he starts off in his room but dreams of snakes usually bring him in around 3am) but I really enjoy it. I know he won’t still be there when he’s 10 so for now I will enjoy the snuggles.

Recently the bed has been even more crowded. Knowing Alex was still a fan of our bed I got an Arms Reach Co-Sleeper for chicken little. I think he’s slept in it 3 times the past 4 months. At first it was a matter of convenience  Henry ate every 2 hours overnight and eventually I wasn’t able to stay awake to move him the 18 inches to the cosleeper. Now I think I sleep better when he’s in my arms. If he’s not there I wake up just to check to see if he’s breathing. Having a friend lose a son to SIDS makes me terrified. Knowing cosleeping reduces that risk helps just a bit.

Add in the cats and it looks like the queen needs to be traded in for a King really soon. Poor Daddy hasn’t slept well in a year, good thing we are going to Newport this weekend. I got a room with 2 queen beds so Daddy can have one all to himself. Happy early anniversary present hubby 🙂


2 thoughts on “The joys of the family bed

  1. As I’m typing this my head is resting on the empty co-sleeper and Little #2 is wiggling around in front of me. The only one missing is Little Man but that is because I moved him to his own bed when I was smushed next to Daddy just a bit too much and overheating.
    I credit our choice to bed share with my hard earned success with breastfeeding. I used to be fearful but then I did more reading and rearranged the bed covers to reflect a safe environment and now they can be here as long as they want. At work they ask if Little #2 is a good sleeper – he is because he doesn’t have to scream or cry for me in the middle of the night.

    1. I love when people ask me if he’ sa good sleeper or if he sleeps through the night yet, I just put on a huge smile and say “Nope.” I’m glad he doesn’t, it’s like we check in with each other a couple times a night and get a little extra bonding time in.

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