Calling all size 8s…

Now that I’m back to pre-preg weight I fear the worst has happened. During pregnancy my feet have expanded and it doesn’t look like they’re going back to their original size. So now what is a girl to do with her large shoe collection? Anyone have time to teach me ebay??




Here are just a few that don’t fit me anymore :(. This is depressing for me. Each pair is tied to a memory. A good friend’s bachelorette, a wedding in Long Island, my first time at a horse race in Saratoga NY. Being a momma has definitely put fashion on the back burner for now but it is so much a part of who I am. I may be content going to the park in my yoga pants and dansko clogs for now but I vowed to myself and a few good friends that I wouldn’t let child rearing come between me and the runway. I don’t want to end up like my mom, her wardrobe got stuck in the 80s after I was born. It’s tragic…

So for those mommies out there with older babies, how did you stay current with the trends??


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