Thankvember Day 2 – Generators

In line with day 1, Sandy has upped the ante in my feelings of appreciation. So for day 2 I’m thankful hippie husband has taken a fancy to “prepping”. His dream would to be completely off the grid. We’ve been heating with just wood for the last 2 years. And trust me, it will be a long time before we run out:

And that’s just the wood that is split. For perspective, it’s about as tall as our 1 story ranch. Also we already line dry our clothes, we have a gas stove so we could cook or could cook on the wood stove if need be, and have a cellar stocked to keep us fed for at least a year. So with Sandy approaching the only “prep” we had to do was fill some gas cans for the generator, which we ran mostly for the well pump and washing machine. And admittedly, for daily viewings of Dumbo…


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