Thankvember day 5 – babywearing

Literally I don’t know how I would have survived without it. Babywearing has made it possible to balance a colicky baby with reflux and an active spirited two year old. And with colds making their way through the house, it has been a life saver yet again. Thing 2 has his first runny nose and the poor guy is miserable. He has been in my arms for the last 48 hours. Thankfully I’m able to put him in the sling to cook, clean and tend to Thing 1. But we don’t just use it when he’s sick.

Babywearing trick or treat

Grocery stores? We pull out the Boba air.
Running multiple errands? I put on the Moby before I leave so I can easily slip him in and out between stops.
Cooking, cleaning and everyday chores? I throw on the tube sling.When I first started Babywearing this was my go to. No wrapping no buckles, it is so convenient. But now that Bubba broke 22 lbs I need something that distributes his weight.

I’ve recently taken up toddler wearing as well. Mommas with a two year old know the difficulties of navigating the cereal aisle with someone who wants every toy in the box and knows how to unbuckle and escape the cart. But some how those “piggy rides” are distraction enough from the chaos. And thanks to an Ergo I obtained from an awesome fellow Babywearing friend, I can do it relatively comfortably.

Admittedly I could tote the benefits of Babywearing all day. It has changed my life. It solves everything from reflux to colic to discomfort from teething to over tired toddler syndrome. I’ve learned how to nurse in every carrier imaginable. The only place I wouldn’t wear my baby is in the car. (Common sense should kick in here but carriers do not have the same safety standards of car seats so please always use the safety seat) This is why today and everyday I am thankful I found Babywearing


6 thoughts on “Thankvember day 5 – babywearing

  1. I love babywearing! I didn’t wear my daughter all that much, but constantly held her. Now with a new little guy, it is a lifesaver! And having multiple options is so helpful! We use all of ours, just for different things and depending on the weather.

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