New Year New Me

Happy New Year! Like probably a million other people, I’ve made some resolutions. I’d like to jot them here so I can be accountable for them!

1. Eliminate GMO food from my diet. I know this will be a tough task. It will require eliminating pretty much anything processed and anything containing High Fructose Corn Syrup. But the more I read the more this scares me. I’ve been slowly limiting it but I don’t want it anywhere near my home. Time for the cold (organic) turkey approach. Today we made steps toward this goal, we broke ground for our greenhouse. We also plan on finally getting our chickens in the spring as well as several fruit trees.

2. Increase my homesteading. I’ve been dabbling in this all year but I want to truly be self sustaining as much as possible. This will include the orchard/garden/greenhouse and chickens as well as a wood/solar water heater in the works, learning to pressure can and continuing to cloth diaper/EC.

3. Take up running again. Not so much to lose weight or for the physical health benefits but for my sanity. I have bipolar and exercise really stabilizes my mood. I should really make time for it.

4. Continue to meditate, for the same reasons as above.

5. Not to yell. I know it’s not a good discipline and is detrimental to my children to yell. So why do I let myself get to my wits end and do it anyway? I’m hoping resolutions 3 & 4 help with this.

6. Continue to Blog. I love getting all of my thoughts down in writing. It also helps for the same reasons as 3 & 4.

7. DECLUTTER – this is a must!

8. Knit/Crochet more – it’s my Me time. It also helps me be more sustainable.

9. Keep up with Not a Zombie Sunday. I love the us time it creates, now I just have to get Hubby on board.

and 10. Pray every day and teach my sons to do the same. Most importantly to thank god for the blessings that we have in our lives.

I think this list is long enough to make some real changes in my life but short enough for it to be a reasonable goal. So how about you….

What are your resolutions? 


3 thoughts on “New Year New Me

  1. That is an impressive list! Mine are..
    1. Eat more of a plant based diet. Watched a few documentaries like Hungry for Change over the holidays. They were very convincing.
    2. Run more! Maybe we can set up running dates when I come out to visit CT. Or sign up for a 5k?!
    3. Get more experience in the public health field.
    4. Be more social.
    5. Learn the Bible. I actually just bought 365 Days of the Bible in Children Stories…I never learned them growing up and I figured it would be a great way to learn the basics.
    6. Be more intentional in all my familial and friend relationships.

    Thanks for blogging. Miss you guys!

  2. 1. Blog more often. 2. Practice mindfulness as much as possible. 3. Give myself grace. 4. Consider sustainability in every decision I make. 5. Read your blog more often! 🙂

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