New Year New Me – Resolution Progress

It is already January 15, half a month into 2013. Where does the time go?? I figured this was a good time to check in on all of the promises I made to myself. Here’s how it’s going so far.

1. No GMO – this was a toughy but we’re getting there. Luckily Pinterest has a LOT of yummy healthy ideas. Like these organic Kale chips I made yummy.

2. Homesteading – This is probably progessing the fastest of my list. Probably because it is so much fun. The greenhouse is going up:

I bought material to make my own cloth diapers and I switched to family cloth. The hubbys not on board yet but just me switching will save a ton of paper. I even made my own cloth from scrap flannel I had!

3. Running – Ok no progress here yet, but the main point of this post was to see where I needed improvement so I will work on this. Promise….

4. Meditation – Try to do this every morning before the boys are up, unfortunately they have been waking up earlier and earlier. I may have to find a new time for this.

5. NO YELLING – This is extraordinarily hard. But I have to do this. Recently I have found The Orange Rhino and am using her story as inspiration. If she can go an entire year without yelling well so can I!

6. Continue to Blog – Hey I’m doing that right now! Check!

7. Declutter – Yay I did this. I organized my office/craft area. Now I will be getting a whole lot of work/blogging done. Ain’t she purty? 

8. Knit/Crochet more – I’m working on my first amigurumi. Any guesses on what it is?

9. Keep up with Not a Zombie Sunday – Had a successful first Sunday in January – stay tuned for Feb 🙂

10. Pray every day – I’ve been praying a lot lately on some life decisions. Still praying on them actually. Stay tuned for details on how that pans out… Also praying for the Sandy Hook victims that went to heaven just one month ago. I still cry thinking of the children that were lost way too young.

So that’s how my resolutions are going. How are you doing with yours?


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