5 Inexpensive Dates for After The Kids Are Asleep.

With Valentine’s Day coming up and my baby in the throes of teething, I am desperate for some one on one time with the darling husband. But with limited time and no finds for a sitter I have to be creative. So I came up with this list of ideas I’d like to share with you.

1. Dessert and Wine – There’s nothing like opening a bottle of wine to get the conversation flowing again. And nothing goes better with wine than chocolate. Dessert doesn’t have to be  extravagant (who has time for that?); Some chocolate covered strawberries are sure to hit the spot! 

2. A cheesy Rom/Com – With the power of technology these days there’s no prep needed for this date. Just a few clicks of the remote and you can have a plethora of movies streamed straight to your TV. So pop a bowl of popcorn and get to snuggling on the couch. 

3. A romantic massage – Who doesn’t love a massage? It is a great way to relax and connect at the same time. Light up the candles and grab the oils. Don’t have a dedicated massage oil? Add some lavender or chamomile EO to some olive oil or warm coconut oil and voila! massage oil. And it might lead somewhere else 😉

4. Play a Board Game – I know what you’re thinking. “How romantic….checkers…” hear me out! There are a lot of risqué games you can buy to heat things up but you don’t need to spend money on something you will have to hide from the kids during the day. There is always the classic strip poker, or you could heat things up with naughty words scrabble. It’s guaranteed to get you laughing and be sure to act out your words between turns 😉

5. A heart felt breakfast – This one can be with or without the kiddos. Make some heart shaped cinnamon rolls or heart pancakes. Whatever you o it will show you care, and everyone loves that.

Before having kids I didn’t really understand the point of Valentines Day. I felt like people should show how they love each other every day. Well now I know it’s hard to do that, especially because I rarely even have time to get dressed. So to those other busy moms and dads: 

How are you reconnecting this Valentines Day?


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