It’s my Blogiversary!


Wow I can’t believe it’s been a whole year! When I was writing my first post I felt so silly. I never expected anyone to actually read this. Thanks to everyone that does, you have no idea how special that makes me feel.

I have grown so much in these last 12 months. Things are looking a whole lot more hippie and a whole lot less city around here. There are even talks of moving to Tennessee and having a honest to God farm. More details on that if it comes true 😉

I’ve also become a lot more forward in my activism, and have lost a friend or two because of it. I’ve embraced my role as WAH crunchy super mom and am over the moon with the path that God has put me on. I want to spread all of the information I’ve collected and benefited from.

Thanks again for being here. This past year has been bumpy and without you all and this blog it would have been rough. Looking forward to the next year!

And as a big thanks I’m offering up 10 Cloth Napkins Made by me! Enter the giveaway below!


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