Frugal Friday – The Stock Pile


Thanks to TLC everyone knows what Extreme Couponing is. But to me it’s more than saving a few dollars on toilet paper. It is essential so I can fund allergy safe food for Chicken little and myself. Anyone with food allergies can attest to the high cost of living associated with it. Especially when Hippie Husband won’t give up his junk food (notice all of the gluten above).


The key to great couponing is a stockpile. To save the most you have to buy while there are sales and corresponding coupons, and buy enough to last you until that next sale. So here’s a look into my personal stockpile. Not the most impressive I’ve had but it’s getting back to par. Heres how I did it:

1. Sunday circulars – Traditional coupon cutting is still the best way to save money if you have time. I like to do it during nap time every Sunday, with a nice cup of coffee and some relaxing music in the background. It’s quite zen like. Most of these coupons are doubled at traditional grocery stores if they’re less than $1!

2. Printable coupons – I don’t do this much because the cost of ink really brings down the value, but if you weren’t opposed to using company resources this may be a good option for you.

3. A wholesale club – many put out monthly coupons that can give you a really great deal. But be careful, buying in bulk is not always cheaper especially for short shelf life items. 

4. Research – Online forums like and are great to get you started on your couponing journey. 

Do you coupon? What has been your best haul?


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