One Week Home Store Challenge

Hi guys! This is my first post in a long time. Thanks for dealing with my hiatus 🙂

As I was perusing facebook yesterday I stumbled upon a post from a good friend and Thrive mentor. It said “Who will join me? No grocery shopping. Only make meals from what you have on hand at home. That includes lunches, coffee etc. if you eat or drink it must have come from home. Document and share what you do. Monday to Monday! Who is in?” I immediately thought “What a great idea!” I have so much food that I store in case of emergencies but if I don’t use it soon it is going to expire. AND I ate out 4 times last week. I need to get my budget and eating habits back on track.

SOOO, I told her I would join her! This was day one, and first thing this morning I realized how little I prepared for it. I’m out of sugar for my coffee and I NEED my coffee. Luckily the kids had a gallon of chocolate milk in the fridge. Mochas anyone? Otherwise the day was a success! Here’s how it went:

Peanut Butter Protein Shake
Scrambled Eggs for The LOs


Grilled Ham and American Cheese Sandwiches and a side salad

Thrive Taco Night and Margaritas (Happy Cinco de Mayo!)

I’ll be posting my menus and recipes all week. So who of you will join me?!


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