Confessions of a Crazy Coupon Lady

I absolutely LOVE couponing. It’s like finding money in each of my five (yes five) Sunday papers each week. And when you have a child with food allergies like I do, sometimes it’s the only way to provide the nutrition your kid needs, without breaking the bank.

Just one days papers… The Delivery guy loves me 😉

So let’s play my favorite game…. Guess how much!! I have been torturing Hippie Hubby with this for years. I stack up all of my groceries and make him guess how little I spent on everything. You ready?

Today’s haul. How much do you think?!

So today I went to my favorite grocery shopping place… CVS! (What? Doesn’t everyone go grocery shopping at CVS?!) I got 6 boxes of cereal, 5 packages of Tide Pods, 5 Bottles of soda (don’t shame my uncrunchiness here) and a bottle of Palmolive dish detergent. Can you guess how much I spent?

Let me know what you think. Go to my facebook page and comment your number on the game post. I’ll announce the winner and my total on Friday. The person with the closest to my total will get $5 off my Etsy page! Good Luck 🙂


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